This review contains only subjective statements, is totally influenced by my personal opinions, and at least one statement in this review is wrong (but it may be the latter one).

The Story of purchase of this very nice timepice starts shortly before christmas 1999 when I decided that I have to buy a nice watch for my beloved girlfriend. After viewing tons of watch magazines and catalogs the specifications of the "have-to-come" watch where perfectly clear: first of all and most important it should have a moonphase, be made of stainless steel without any gold colored parts, measure not more than 35mm in diameter, and it would be nice if it has a chronograph also, and last I am on a budget so it should not be too expensive. We did not find such a watch except a Maurice Lacroix, wich was not available anymore. Asking TimeZone for help was also not very successfull. As we then immediately realized that the biggest problem is the size, the deliverance from all our sufferings came to us like a thunderstruck from above: lets give a s**t on the size, we go for a big one ! So we went for a short trip to Frankfurt and came home with another beautiful Sinn.
The Packaging of Sinn watches has been improved significantly. As opposed to the old small gray box my first Sinn came in, they now have a very nice, bigger inner box made of immitation leather, which is additionally covered by a cardboard outer box (thats why I called the first one inner box), both in black with Sinn logo on them. The inner box is also most useful to store the small pin which is needed to set the day at the small pushbutton at the 10 position. It can be seen next to the watch on the right picture. Because my girlfriend decided to wear the watch immediatelly I had to put the watch into the box myself later at home - this causes the only negative points for packaging: 8 out of 10.
The Case is made of stainless steel, is waterproof up to 3 bar, antimagnetic and shockresistant following some number of "DIN" (obscure German industry norm). It measures 37.5 mm in diameter (not including crown) and is 14.0 mm thick; strap width is 20.0 mm. The watch is also available with a gold-coated case but both versions only with leather strap. What I do not like that much is the fact that this watch comes with a plastic (acryl) crystal and without a display back. Althoug the movement of the watch cannot be seen it can be heard by pressing the watchs back to one of your ears. By closing your eyes and listening to the movement`s lovely "tick tack" you can form a virtual image of the movement in front of your "inner eye". I stop that nonsense now and vote: not too many points on the case because of plastic crystal and nonexistent display back.
The Strap that usually comes with this watch is a 20.0 mm wide black one of calfskin. We had a small problem with the calfskin straps because they are not available in small size. So we decided to take a black sharkskin strap. As a result, I asume that there are no small calves, but obviously there must be smaller fish. Some sharky points for the strap.
On the right you can see all the engravings done on the screw-in back. It says something like "stainless steel - shockresistant - antimagnetic - waterproof up to 3 bar", a type and serial number, and finally just "Sinn". The picture below shows the very beautiful "tear shaped" pushbuttons (extra points).

The pushbutton to set the day
The Dial is by far the most beautiful part of the watch. The classic look, the silver color with the blued hands and of course the moonphase. Now the description: There is an hour and a minute hand from the center and a small second at 9 which shares its display with an additional 24h hand (which cannot be set to a second time zone). All this to read the time of day. To identify the current date there are two small windows below the 12 which tell the day and month, plus the center-mounted date hand. A moonphase display is located at 6. The chronograph has a center-mounted second hand, a 30 minute counter at the 12 and a 12 hour counter at 6 together with the moonphase. This makes a total of eight hands and three display windows; amazing. The disadvantage of all those hands, display windows and the silver-dial and blue-hand color combination is that the watch is fairly unreadable in a certain light. Let`s give 10 out of 12. Setting this watch was a bit confusing the first time because the manual doesn`t mention how to set the month. As this watch doesn`t have a screw-in crown it is initially in position one, where you can directly wind the watch. If you then pull out the crown to position two you can set the center-mounted date hand when turning the crown clockwise, and the moon phase when turning counter-clockwise. The month jumps forward to next one when moving the date hand from 31 to 1. When pulling the crown another time (to position three) the second stops and you can set time.
The Movement
  • Valjoux 7751
  • 28.800 bph
  • Automatic
  • 25 Jewels
  • 42 hours reserve
Accuracy was not checked yet. But as the proud owner of this watch told me that it does not matter if the watch is a few minutes wrong per day, I give 20 points for accoracy because I guess it is far more precise than its owner would expect it to be. My Sinn 303 is less than 5 seconds wrong per day and I assume this one will also not dissapoint us. For further information about the movement I highly recommend Walt Odets` wonderful article about the Valjoux 7750 on TimeZone.
Wearing this watch is a pleasure. It can be worn on the right or left arm and also on the right and left leg for which I will add some extra points, too !
Summary and additional information: It is a very beautiful and also reasonably priced watch with only some slight drawbacks in useability. Its list price is 1.610,- german bucks and unfortunalety I did not manage to get some discount, but I still consider this a good price for that watch. Thanks to everybody who has read this far - I hope this was not too bad for a first review. And I promise that I will try to make the next one better so that I can become a real TZer (sniff).

(All pictures shot with a Nikon CoolPix 950).